Machinery & ​​Equipment

Machinery & ​​Equipment

We produce PP fabric and bags with a capacity of 10,000 mt/year in our KILIS Industrial Zone 15,000.00 m2 and in SILIVRI /ISTANBUL 20,000.00 m2 factories.

Yarn / Tape Production

We use Lohia’s cutting edge technology Duotec series tape extrusion lines, together with high end auto roto tape winders.

Yarn / Tape Production Yarn / Tape Production

Circular Loom Weaving Machines

Yarns produced in the extruder are weaved on the looms as fabric hose in desired sizes.

Circular Loom Weaving Machines Circular Loom Weaving Machines

Color Printing

Fabrics produced by weaving are taken to print department which has the latest technology. Thanks to our expert team and quality printing materials, the highest quality printing is achieved with the flexographic printing technique. 4 colors can be printed.

 Color Printing  Color Printing

Conversion Lines

At the end of the production process, the tubular fabric becomes a sack. Fabric is cut at desired sizes based on demands by hot and cold cut techniques. Any kind of sewing is possible.

Bale Press

Packaging can be made in bales of 250, 500, 1,000 pcs or desired quantities at bale press.